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•God is one and remains in each of us • Give food to the hungry • Give shelter to the needy • Give water to the thirsty • Give medicine to the patient • Protect our environment • Do not be alcohlic • Educate children at any cost • Avoid bad customs • Keep neat and clean of all spaces
Aims & Objects

To promote co-operation and unity amongst all sections of the Washerman, Rajaka, Dhobi Community in different names in different states and regions and to organise and consolidate them into an organic whole keeping in view of the unity, solidarity and integrity of the country.


To find out all possible means and ways for the all round development of these people together with the general progress of all the people and the Nation as a whole :


To remove untouchability, caste prejudice and superiority feelings and stop social injustice.


To strive to keep this community in the lists of Scheduled Castes in those states where it is so and try to include it in the lists of Scheduled Cstes in those states where it is not included and help these persons get the constitutional benefits and privileges.


To work for educational, social, economic and cultural uplift of these people in all possible ways and means.


To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage educational institutions, libraries, clinics and to publish magazines, bulletins, leaflets and other papers in different regional languages expecially on the problems of the members.


To help needy students and distressed persons.


To develop the art and technique of scientific washing, dyeing of clothes, to start training centres for washing and dyeing, to open laundries and shops dealing in instruments, appliances and materials required for washing, individually or on cooperative lines, to get Dhobighats, colnies and dwelling houses in urban as well as rural areas constructed by Govts. and/or co-operative Societies of the members.


To help members specially the unemployed youngmen secure employment in Government and other organisations and vested lands for cultivation after Zemindary abolition/State acquisition for diversion of these hard working people to other means of livelihood and help members for starting other business, trade and industry and get financial assistance of the Government and other sources.


To avoid certain evil customs and remove bad habits of these people.


To arrange weekly rest and enjoy important holidays for these hardworking persons.


To collect donations and subscriptions for the purpose of the Mahasangh.


To co-operate with other associations for greater cause.


To start women, students and youths, cultural, employment and other sub-committees and also to assist employed persons.


To strive for representation of the members to local and higher bodies.


To do such other things as are necessary and convenient for the purpose of this Mahasangh.


Income and Properties : The income and properties of the Mahasangh whatsoever derived or obtained shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Mahasangh and no portion thereof shall be paid or divided amongst any of its members by way of profits.

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