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Welcome To Akhil Bhartiya Dhobi Mahasangh

In presenting the constitution of Akhil Bharatiya Dhobi Mahasangh (All India Washermen’s Federation) we remember with gratitude the services rendered to the Dhobi (Washerman) community for so many decades by our innumerable organisations all over the country for our social, political, economical, educational and cultural uplift.

Attempts were made by our leaders to forge unity and bring all such associations under the banner of one centralised and combined organisation. The leaders of the two organisations of national stature - one working in the northern and castern parts and the other mainly in southern parts of India, met at Nagpur and decided to form the All India Rajak (Dhobi) Mahasangh. The decision was approved in the historic conference held in Mudras in 1966.

While adopting the constitution of the newly formed Mahasangh its name composed of Hindi aud English words came up for discussion and the Mahasangh was renamed as Akhil Bharatiya Dhobi Mahasangh with its English name - All India Washermen’s Federation in the special general meeting held on the 21 & 22 May, 1973 at Cnirala, A.P.

This Mahasangh federal as well as unitary in character will federale, officiate and associate with the existing popular organisations without changing their names and aims, besides opening its own branches where necessary. This is a marked contrast to the working of the previous national organisations of unitary type opening their own branches with their own names at all levels keeding aside those existiug organisations with long standing services and goodwill. Thus a hindrace of unity at the first stage has been avoided for paving the way for complete unification and all-round development of the members of the community in particular and others in general. Let all our brothers and sisters unite and march ahead.

The name of the association shall be Akhil Bharatiya Dhobi Mahasangh, This association shall also be called All India Washermen’s Federation as its English version.

•God is one and remains in each of us • Give food to the hungry • Give shelter to the needy • Give water to the thirsty • Give medicine to the patient • Protect our environment • Do not be alcohlic • Educate children at any cost • Avoid bad customs • Keep neat and clean of all spaces
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